Conservatory Roof Replacements in Norwich

Sep 28, 2022

Many of our customers in Norfolk, come to us as they’re tired of having to abandon their conservatory in the winter as it’s too cold, then again in the summer because it’s too hot! For a space you can use all year round, a replacement conservatory roof is a MUST!

Our carefully engineered replacement conservatory roof systems are ideal for those looking to increase the usability of their conservatory, transforming it into a space that can be used in all weathers. With a solid tiled conservatory roof that are
specially designed to fit your existing structure, our experts are able to completely replace and install your brand-new roof in just a couple of days, meaning less disruption to you and your family.

Tiled conservatory roofs are designed to give you back your space!

If you want a tiled conservatory roof that looks fabulous and provides incredible thermal efficiency, choose Norwich Conservatory Roofs Ltd. Our lightweight system is easy to install, thanks to its lightweight tiles and simple yet effective design; it also delivers incredible thermal efficiency. Our roof is the lightest and strongest tiled conservatory roof on the market. It is designed to sit on old or new window frames and doors. The manufacturer Leka offers a 40-year manufacturer’s warranty on all Leka parts which is second to none currently available on the market.

Whether you need a replacement conservatory roof – or are starting from the beginning – our Leka systems will reward you with an interior space that’s light, bright, warm and comfortable.
Our Leka roofs are installed in as little as 2-3 days meaning less disruption for you and your family. If you are after more than just a roof and are considering a completely new conservatory or extension then we have something for you too…

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