Is Tiled Conservatory Roof worth it?

Jun 7, 2023

Would we recommend replacing your existing glass/ poly carbonate conservatory roof with a solid tiled conservatory roof replacement?

The answer every time would be YES. By doing so you can maximize your conservatory for year-round usage, by stopping it getting unbearably hot in the summer and freezing in the winter, not only this but reducing your energy bills in a time of financial crisis like today!

A warm conservatory roof will block direct sunlight in the summer months which means no more glare and you can sit comfortably without feeling like you live in a green house. On the other hand, the insulation inside the solid roof will keep the heat inside the conservatory during the cooler months therefore reducing your energy bills, saving you ££££’s.

Heating is not the only benefit to converting to a solid conservatory roof, with a vast reduction in noise, you will not be subjected to the pitter patter of raindrops!

When opting for a solid tiled conservatory roof you will be transforming the inside of your conservatory into a beautiful, warm and inviting part of the home, perfect for any family event!

If you are worried about losing the light you currently have coming through the existing roof then you can always insert rooflights into your design offering unwavering style and with anti-glare technology they offer the very best in design.

Every Leka system tiled conservatory roof is designed around your needs. The external tiles, we here at Norwich Conservatory Roofs use for covering the roof are Lightweight Britmet tiles, giving you unbeatable protection whilst still doing their bit for the planet as they are 100% recyclable!