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Norwich Conservatory Roof solutions, providing a leading lightweight conservatory roof system. We are official installers of industry-leading Leka systems. The Leka, tiled conservatory roof is far superior to competitor systems. It delivers the performance, efficiency and longevity of your normal roof, and crucially, a material match. You can have a concrete effect or slate effect tile in a wide range of colours. The Leka, solid roof conservatory system is compatible with most existing conservatory builds or can replace a traditional roofing system on a new build. The Leka Tiled Conservatory Roof is designed to outperform as well as outlast common glass and polycarbonate roofing systems. It’s so good it has been approved by MFA, the approved building inspector licenced by the Government, and their patented technologies lead the way for innovation in the industry.

You can have your new, warm roof conservatory in a near unlimited range of styles to suit your Poringland home. Popular styles include Victorian, Edwardian, gable ended, lean-to and combination. The Leka System can match the design of your old roof or replace it with a new design. It’s up to you. The Leka, conservatory roof system uses Tapco slate and Metrotile concrete effect tiles. These engineered tiles are strong and unlike the natural alternative they don’t degrade or weather over time.

Where Quality Costs Less!

Norwich Conservatory Roofs are your local specialists when it comes to providing quality Leka products, covering Poringland and the surrounding areas. Our products are:

Energy efficient products

The highest standards on the market

Available in wide range of colour options & finishes

Industry leading technology

Why a Leka Conservatory Roof Replacement in Poringland?

Solid tiled conservatory roof solutions from Leka Systems, providing a leading lightweight conservatory roof throughout Poringland and the UK.




Cost Effective


Fast Installation

Innovative Design

Conservatory roof insulation in Poringland can only be one thing. The Leka System has been engineered through innovative methods, highly technical design protocols and practical experience to create probably the best conservatory roof system in the World currently.

Watch Our Leka Video

This simply provides better conservatory roof insulation and explained in simple terms to help you understand for yourself, how the only roof system of its kind in the world can transform your existing conservatory or enhance your proposed new conservatory project.

Why Choose A Conservatory Roof Conversion in Poringland?

Truly lightweight

A truly lightweight tiled conservatory roofing system (no smoke screens). We do not brand the new LEKA System as a lightweight roofing system without having the facts to back it up, whilst other products/materials actually weigh nearly double that of a traditional glass conservatory roof.

No outer plywood needed

Removing the usual need for an outer plywood material which again is open to deterioration over a period of time and replacing with the new LEKA structural, 100% weatherproof, lightweight and insulated boarding system reduces the overall weight of the roofing system and improves the overall U values of the finished product. This is complemented with a breathable membrane for additional weather proofing.

Better lifespan

Using either a Metrotile OR Britmet lightweight sheet for your outer finish of your new sunroom or a Tapco OR Britmet Lite slate alternative you can rest assured that the product provides a better lifespan to a heavy alternative tile and is lighter than that of concrete or traditional slate.


More innovation less complexity

With innovative products throughout and combining insulated sheets with PIR insulation the LEKA system has less elements to install onsite which speeds up your installation timings with average installation only taking 2-3 days including removal of your old conservatory roof.

Glass reinforced plastic

Using GRP or glass reinforced plastic allows a structurally tested, lighter alternative to aluminium and timber when providing the main structural roof rafters. GRP is not at risk of sweating /condensation or cold bridging like aluminium. Nor is GRP open to wood worm, moisture absorption or potential rotting such as timber. The Leka System Structural profiles are manufactured and comply with BS EN13706.

Leka insulated board

With our own Leka insulated finishing board replacing the need for plasterboard as the internal finish prior to plastering, this new innovative board is a third the weight of a plasterboard and insulated at the same time. For a more traditional cost effective finish, standard 12.5mm plasterboards can also be utilised as part of the Leka ECO range which (in most cases) doesn’t affect our exceptional U values of 0.15.

Weighing within 10-12% of a traditional glass roof

Average Leka system roofs weigh within 10-12% of a traditional glass conservatory roof which allows (in most cases) your existing conservatory frames to take the weight of your new Leka roofing system.

Improved energy efficiency

Having a load bearing structural insulated and weatherproof outer sheet allows the use of less roofing bars and so our roof bars can be spaced further apart which reduces weight and also improves energy efficiency levels.

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