Carports & Canopy

The Leka Carport & Canopy provides a durable, lightweight and rapid construction alternative over more traditional carport systems Typically installed on an existing load-bearing surface or concrete pads the Leka Carport & Canopy saves time, mess and stress when considering a new build carport system. The Leka Carport & Canopy is installed in days……not weeks. No thermal bridging or moisture absorption due to our GRP lightweight, structurally sound framework.

Highly engineered, pre-fabricated modular sections, creating comfort that every part of the Carport & Canopy has been factory tested before delivery.

A Cost-Effective Solution

Norwich Conservatory Roofs are your local specialists when it comes to providing the quality Leka Carport & Canoy, covering Norwich and the surrounding areas. Benefits:

Installed in days, not weeks

Save on excavation work, so less mess

Precision engineered, pre-fabricated modular sections

No Maintenance

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Leka Carport & Canopy Breakdown

Below you will find a detailed system break down of the unique Leka Systems Carport & Canopy. This provides lighter, faster construction and better weatherproofing.


Adjustable Posts

Firstly our GRP structurally sound posts are installed into the correct locations, using feet if necessary to secure into place.


Ring Beam and Rafters

Next the main GRP ring beam and roof structure are installed into position, creating a strong, robust framework.


Load Bearing Outer Sheets

Next our highly engineered, lightweight & load bearing outer sheets are installed, ensuring less roof bars and quicker installation.


Roof Installation

Next, a high-quality shingle or lightweight slate tile finish is applied. The lightweight roof is durable, weatherproof and most importantly quick to install.



Lastly, a cladding colour of your choice is supplied to the underside of your roof and supporting posts



Optionally, lighting can also be supplied to your Leka Carport & Canopy with a variety of options at your disposal.

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