Flat Roofing

At Norwich Conservatory Roofs – We do not just install conservatory roofs but roofing solutions for many other buildings, we particularly specialize in flat roofing for your home, offices, garden buildings, garages and even stables! Our accredited roofers are qualified in the installation and repair of all forms of flat roofing, including: Built-Up Felt, Glass Reinforced Plastic and Insulated systems. We can recommend the right flat roof system for your property.

Flat roofing solutions are available as single layer overlay systems or as a fully insulated roof build-up to current warm roof regulations. Tapered insulation schemes can be introduced to the existing flat roof to create effective falls to eliminate ponding water. Within the roof refurbishment process after moisture scanning the existing roof, many existing waterproofing systems can often be overlaid to reduce cost and minimise disruption at site. For more information about our flat roofing solutions in Norwich and surrounding areas!

Why Install A Flat Roof?

Flat roofs are known for their space saving, compact design and are very popular on modern minimalist architect-designed homes. They are also particularly well suited to smaller structures, such as extensions, garden buildings, garages and porches.

Built To Last

A fundamental requirement for any roofing material is the assurance that it’s resistant to damaging ultraviolet light. Not only are most single ply membrane materials 100% UV resistant, but they’re also not affected by the build-up of potentially harmful micro-organisms.

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